Why Use Wp Robot In Your Content Marketing?

Wp Robot In Your Content

Anyone who has been involved with internet marketing and growing their site with automation and quality can agree that they have heard about Wp Robot. And if you have not, then this should be very exciting for you. This is a plugin that is truly worth having installed into your blog website. You have over 20 places where you can receive content, videos and similar pieces of content and then have it published automatically. Wp Robot is a WordPress plugin that allows you to set up Youtube videos, Ezine articles, Eventful events, Amazon products, Rss feeds and much more from their respective sources into a blog post, and then those content pieces are set at different times that you choose and then published onto your website. Wp-Robot uses cron jobs and other internal wordpress functions to perform these campaigns so that they get published without the user having to be there typing it out manually during that exact time that it gets published.

Now before those who know about Wp Robot as well as using automation have to say that it is not good, wait right here. A lot of companies from Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo, TechCrunch, CommissionJunction, ShareASale, Dell, Sony, MegaUpLoad. I will stop right there but that should be enough for you who are interested in growing their website blog naturally as well as with some assistance with software just like the rest of the people who run technology companies. http://www.lincolnlocalmarket.com/product/wp-robot/

Yes, Making Your Life Easier With Automation Software Tools is Okay!

I am tired of those people speaking badly about using content to their advantage along when there millions of other companies that are doing the exact same thing. Some of them are at different levels in business respectively, but in regards to having automated content feed into your site, you should be grateful that you can do that because a lot of people still don’t know that most of the internet on the first page of the searches are those websites that have been using social media automation software tools for years now and it has been paying off. There are a lot of strategies when dealing with a blog and a lot of companies who have a lot of categories are using automation to their advantage. And its time that you get in on the action as well. And no, not just with content, but with automating their entire work flow so that they can have time freedom to strategize their next business website move or go travel the world or go to conferences.

So what else can you get out of Wp-Robot? You can have an affiliate account with content sources like CommissionJunction, Amazon, LinkShare, ShareASale and other similar networks. The way this works is that there are api that uses special computer programming code so that each time that Wp Robot needs to retrieve data, it already has the computer programming code that adjusts to each of the networks properly. This way, when it publishes to your website, it will display nicely on your blog and not cluttered.

When you are performing these tasks, you will during the creation process, be able to set up the times, specific keywords, specific networks that you want to pull data from. I like that you can set up rss feeds from other websites that I like and then have their content display on my site. I am also able to set up Wp Robot so that it publishes to my website as a draft and then edit that content and leave a link back to the owners website. This is a form of blog curation, but that is just a word. In a nutshell, it’s called, find content that you can type about and then bring it your site and share the love back leaving a url link to that owner’s site.

This is really simple stuff people and the cost for having over 20+ content sources that will post to your site, well, is very much worth your money and your time. Everyone knows that amazon’s affiliate program is growing even though other companies are growing along with them, this is just another example on how big companies are automating their business.

I highly recommend if I leave a link on this site to my website, that you purchase it because you can easily grow a website with hundreds and even thousands pages webpages within a short amount of time. I know that doing this slowly and growing it with powerful backlinks as well as useful content, you can grow your traffic, brand and web visitors. Wp-Robot in my experience is able to bring anything related to your keyword, back to your website to be edited or published while at the same time, having a way to achieve of an income stream.