My Ringcentral Review For All Internet Based Business Owners

Hey folks, glad that you’re here to learn about getting a business line for your internet business,  the service in this article is about a Ringcentral review so that you as a new or seasoned to internet phone services, you’ll know that choosing this one will probably be your last choice.

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I had ordered Ring Central back in 2009 and still have an account with them today.  I was just a newbie to online businesses back then and needed a quick number for my ecommerce website.  I knew since I was selling products online, people expect to be able to call someone when they are ordering a product to build the trust.  And especially if you are like me who selling $2,000 dollar products to companies and peoples around the world.  I kid you not, if only the retailers really knew how they could practically increase their sales daily by having a number customers could call, I think that Ringcentral and other online phone services would increase their price.  The only issue with that is people would just use their money to create their own million dollar towers and offer it to people.  I met some savvy people online and offline and they spend a lot of money on their business ventures.

In regards to how Ring Central will be perfect for you, ask yourself the following:

Do I have an internet business?  Yes

Do I want to build trust with customers online? Yes

Would you want a number you could call and ask questions about your products and even make a purchase? Yes

If you answered yes, then it’s a good indication that you really want to grow a business and not just create some website that not a lot of people know about.  Keep reading so you know how Ringcentral phone services can benefit your business.

Forward all your calls to any number that you want!

Having the ability to have your number forward to your cell phone as well as a text message about a call is very important.  It’s a smart idea to have a way of letting you know if people are interested in your business.  Plus you never know when that phone will ring and it will be a client or customer who is interested in spending time with your business.  I usually like to talk to the customer and find out more about them.  First, answer their questions and let them move the conversation in case they want to purchase and doing any more talking could lead to not allowing the sale.  After you why they are calling, be sure that you direct the questions hot and cold and be sure that you remember their names.  Sometimes customers will call and then think about it and call back and place an order over the phone.   If you plan on getting a merchant account so you can process orders over the phone, check out this emerchant review.

You can have a custom greeting!

Having a greeting that is a real voice helps out in making your blog or website really sound professional.  People can also feel a bit more relaxed when they hear about your company then just a ring.  I will usually set up a touch tone system to direct callers to certain departments so that way I can keep my departments organized and callers being taken care of as soon as possible with their specific issue.


Have music while it’s ringing!

Having a jingle or a ring can help direct your callers emotionally as well as make them comfortable with calling your company.  Like I said, this beats a ring.  Having music in 432 hertz can put your client in the right mood to be in harmony with what their issue is.  This is a very powerful tactic and I hope that you get a ringcentral service immediately because they allow for you to upload music or select their type of music from their built in list.

I am glad to share this information in my RingCentral Review blog because it makes sense to provide my fellow internet based business owner will some insights to be successful.  Another point that should have you smiling is you can receive faxes as well as send them.  Let’s be real, no one wants to go out all the time just for a fax especially in the bigger cities.   And this ability to do it from your computer is powerful and you can get faxes regarding business deals, agreements, plans, outlines, mail, etc.

Plus having a fax line to receive helps when it comes to dealing with merchant processors as well as suppliers.

Some of the disadvantages.

I know that this wouldn’t be an honest RingCentral review if I didn’t include some of the disadvantages.  I just want to say that I still like them and most of the points I address is not upsetting where you can’t make money.  You can assuredly process sales over the phone with Ring Central.

In case you are just starting up, be sure that you turn off the auto bill feature because when your minutes on your account start getting low, you can end up raking up a bill.  Trust me, they don’t want you to lose sales because of sales.  They would rather build a bill with you, however in order for you to be smart and because this is a review of ringcentral, I want you to be successful.

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If you are signing up and you have a offline business, just sign up with a mobile plan so that you can try ac full month of full service because you spend more money on it from the beginning.  Just ease yourself into the bigger plans.

For internet based and bloggers, be sure that you get the minimum plan and when you launch your product, have both a support contact form in the same area as your telephone number because then you can direct people to receive a faster response by filling out the ticket.  And then just leaving a number to show that you will also receive calls.

I hope this RingCentral Review was useful and if you are starting out in business, this an affordable and smart a option to look professional.