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What Are Smart Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

For all new website owners whowant traffic, here are really some easy ways to generate traffic to your site. All you do is answer questions and blog. It’s really that easy. You simply provide people with quality blog posts about whatever it is that you want to blog about. Then a link to your website. All blogging platforms don’t care about links, they just don’t want to see spam and adult content.

You will go to question and answer sites like Yahoo Answers. This site I think is the largest and get an account. Then answer questions until you build yourself to level 2. Then you can place links to your sites as long as it is useful for visitors.

Also when you blog, be sure that you include good keywords as well as some useful points to address to users.

Some people are also converting their articles into video and submitting them to online video sharing sites like Youtube. This works very well because people sometimes like the words to appear so then they can just read it then having to scroll with their mouse.

I will be adding more useful ideas to blog as I grow it.


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